Stock And Sell IOW VoucherBooks Too And This Should Cost You Nothing.

The IOW VoucherBook will contain circa 40 - 50 vouchers from individual businesses (some have booked more than one).

  • Companies needing to measure response from their advertising spend.
  • Any island business targeting all year round customers with a residents deal.
  • New businesses using an 'opening offer' to kickstart building their customer base.
  • Hospitality Businesses having certain days (or hours within days) that are always quiet.
  • Visitor Attractions suffering drops in visitor numbers between certain hours such as lunchtimes (they will probably then eat there too).
  • Hotel / Holiday parks wanting earlier (direct) future bookings with an earlybird discount.
  • Home Improvement Companies that have deals on new kitchens, bathrooms or flooring etc.
  • Garden centres with a café offering a food & drink deal to bring in customers.
  • Health and Beauty Salons that have a new or underselling treatment.
  • Garages offering a deal on servicing or car/van rental on the island.
The IOW has 2.6m visitors annually and 140K residents.

The purpose of being in the Isle of Wight VoucherBook IS NOT to discount your existing business from either!

Identify your days (or times within days) where customer numbers can be increased and offer them an incentive to visit or buy from you at those times. You may also have a new service or an underselling product that needs incentivizing to get more sales. Think carefully about your offer...

  • The IOW VoucherBook is designed to make you money - not just put bums on seats!
  • You choose the offer, deal or discount your voucher promotes - there are no minimum discount guidelines etc.
  • You also set the terms and conditions under which your offer is available.
  • You only pay once to include your voucher in each edition - we don't take any commission on the sales that result from it.
  • We print in batches so you will have the option to change or tweak your offer (voucher) during period VoucherBook is valid.
  • Just thinking about residents for a many have never visited you or bought from you? They have the potential to be year-round customers so perhaps a residents offer might tempt them?
Times are tough for consumers and businesses. Using the IOW VoucherBook is a win/win for both.

  • For IOW visitors and residents alike the cost to visit island attractions, try new pubs and restaurants, go shopping or even pampering and treating themselves is now so expensive even on a holiday budget. They tend to have to restrict themselves - pick and choose.  
  • If using the offers in the IOW VoucherBook means they can afford to visit a few more attractions, try more food and drink venues and buy from more shops why wouldn't they? 
  • If doing so also means the voucher advertisers get busier on their quiet days then they win too!

Our key selling point is value for money - The Isle of Wight VoucherBook will be priced at just £10 per copy. 

  • People can redeem that £10 possibly by using just one voucher! 
  • People can view the deals on offer on this website before buying a VoucherBook.
  • Pricing is set to encourage residents and frequent visitors to buy more than one copy!
  • IOW residents may wish to buy copies for friends and family that are visiting.
  • Hotels and accommodation providers may wish to buy copies (at vendor rates) to present as a complimentary gift to their guests.

Great value at just £'d probably buy one too wouldn't you?
Marketing is targeted at both residents and visitors and marketing will differ for each group.

  • For IOW visitors we see most sales coming via hotels, holiday parks and holiday home letting agents they will make money selling copies.
  • Several accommodation providers have already said they may just buy copies and offer them as a complimentary gift to guests. 
  • This fills a 'marketing gap' as most holiday makers tend not to join local social media groups just for the duration of their holiday. You can already reach IOW Visitors on their way here (using the excellent Red Funnel guide or onboard marketing which we are also responsible for) but not so much in situ, in their accommodation. We also plan to make use of street vendors on high streets and esplanades during the busiest months.
  • So far, all voucher advertisers also want to sell copies at their venues as this should negate the cost of placing their voucher!
  • For IOW residents most marketing will be by local press, magazine advertising and local radio - this of course may also be seen by IOW visitors. Considerable IOW resident marketing activity will be via social media - every voucher offer will be promoted individually whilst it's valid.

With circa 2.6 million visitors and 140k residents the target sales figure for the first year is a realistic 12,000-15,000 copies. With repeat sales (mainly to residents, frequent visitors) and subscriptions taking off we are targeting considerable growth once the IOW VoucherBook becomes better known.
  • Businesses that stock and sell the IOW VoucherBook will keep 40%-50% of the £10 sale price depending on whether their business has a voucher in that current issue. Copies will initially be supplied on a sale or return basis so no outlay is required. Promotional material will be supplied as well as your location listed on this website as a stockist. Full info on this HERE.

  • Individuals that want to earn extra money during the summer can register with us a street vendor. You can either buy VoucherBooks at a discount and resell them or be paid an hourly rate with a bonus amount for each copy sold. Areas with busy footfall such as town centres and promenades could be quite lucrative during peak season. Full training given.