Book YOUR voucher for the next issue issue - the LOW SEASON issue! It's valid from November 1st 2024 to February 28th 2025. Will people visit you or the business round the corner offering incentives to walk through their door ? People just here for a holiday probably don't see your great offers or posts on local social media ! BOOKINGS - Asap. COPY DUE - October 1st. Published - November 1st.

Tell me quickly.....

  • Identify your quiet days / times or an underselling product / service.
  • Come up with an offer to bring people in at those times or boost sales of that product / service.
  • Low season issue straddles Christmas / New Year so why not offer more than one deal?
  • Set tight (but not too tight) terms and conditions for your offer so you get customers in when you need them.
  • Book a voucher for £250 if you wish us to design it, £220 if you design it yourself.
  • Circa 45 businesses had a voucher in the initial VoucherBook, we are aiming for 60+ in the second one.
  • Our team markets it to island residents and visitors. VoucherBooks cost just £8 each.
  • It sells as people will easily get back that £8 using the book - in some cases by just using one voucher.
  • Voucher advertisers will get 20 complimentary copies that they can either give away or sell. If they sell those VoucherBooks they can get back £160 of the cost of placing their voucher.
  • They can also then buy further VoucherBooks at the reduced rate of £4 per book if they wish to sell more.
  • Yes, people use your offer but may also visit at other times as they are now more aware of you. VoucherBook advertising is brand advertising too.
  • Next issue is the Low season issue valid November 2024 - February 2025.

Everyone Wins....!!

For you it's low cost marketing, a way to monitor response from your advert spend, a nice markup on VoucherBook sales and your voucher brings people in when you need them. For VoucherBook buyers it's great deals and an incentive to visit more places....and yes, we make a bit too!

Still not sure? Even more info on why it makes sense HERE
Low season Issue - valid November 1st 2024 till February 28th 1st 2025.
Booking ASAP, copy ASAP. See Copy Spec for 'We Design' voucher design guidelines.

Low season Issue - valid November 1st 2024 till February 28th 1st 2025.
Booking ASAP, copy ASAP. See Copy Spec for 'You Design' voucher design guidelines.

What offer will bring people to you rather than your competitors?

Hopefully you can get all the guidance you need from vouchers in the current book. No reason why you cannot include two vouchers if Voucherbook straddles events such as Christmas etc,

The ideas below refer mainly to food n drink companies but your voucher is all about your business needs. It should add new revenue, not discount existing revenue so think carefully about which days, times or products your offer is valid for.

  • Retail companies - a particular product line?
  • Health & Beauty companies - treatment or package of treatments?
  • Attractions - a deal on a family pass, residents discount or repeat visits?
  • Gyms - a weekly membership?
  • Car hire - a daily rate?
  • Garden centres - a deal in the cafe?
You choose the offer & the terms under which it applies. Your offer may be redeemed via a website code or by presentation of the voucher. Existing offers can also be used as island visitors will be unaware of them - most don't follow local social media for their time here.

The Offer?
  • a deal to get diners in earlier or later in the evening - maybe 5-6pm?
  • a deal on your quieter days usually Monday or Tuesday or Sunday evening.
  • a late lunch deal between 2 and 3 pm or a brunch deal between 11 and 12
  • a deal on dishes on your daily specials menu which is often more expensive
  • a deal on food to be collected / takeaway
The Deal?
  • a freebie such as starter, dessert or drink
  • a straight deal on a meal for two for £???
  • a kids eat free family deal
  • a discount % on meals eaten at the above times
You Design or We Design?

Depending on which option you booked either you will supply us with finished copy or you will supply us with info we need to design it for you.

 Full details on either option plus design guides and templates....HERE
Cover Positions Available !

The few non-voucher advertising opportunities available would be ideal for companies that maybe don't want a voucher in the book but still wished to target island visitors and residents.

There are three advertisement positions in the next issue....

  • Outside back cover advertisement costs £1500 (N/A if issue is sponsored)
  • Inside front cover advertisement cost £1250. 
  • Inside back cover advertisement cost £1000. 

A single sponsorship opportunity exists for the isle of Wight VoucherBook. 

This option covers both of the next two issues - the low season 2024 and the high season 2025 issues. The single sponsor will have....

  • logo branding on the website.
  • logo branding on the front cover of VoucherBook.
  • the outside back cover of each issue.
  • 8 pages within the issue (could be 4 vouchers).
  • 100 initial complimentary copies of VoucherBook to sell or give to their clients.
  • option to purchase further heavily discounted (50%) copies of VoucherBook to sell or give to their clients.
Voucherbook sponsorship costs £8000.